Real Estate Investors Association of Puerto Rico

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Welcome to REIA Rico!

We’re a nonprofit that connects Real Estate professionals, investors, and newbies through local meetings and networking.

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Become an annual supporter

As a non-profit, we depend on your donations to continue serving. What you give us, we give right back to you and so, to facilitate donations, we offer monthly passes and tax-deductible annual memberships that have additional benefits (see table fro details): 

You will be redirected to our non-profit affiliate Global Fokus. Make sure to enter the amount corresponding to the pass you’re interested in (suggested donation of 249 for an individual or 549 for a corporate/company)

Networking Events

REIA Rico brings together deals, investors, and visionaries from different industries to connect, share ideas, and build relationships. Networking events are a fantastic opportunity to find new partners, and share your real estate deals. 

Join us on the 4th Thursday each month or at our weekly Dealmaker’s Breakfast Club.

All events are free for annual supporters. Become a supporter today to access all our events, or:

"Joining the REIA RICO community is the best way to meet like-minded people, discover unique deals and learn from other successful individuals. You get to see what's happening on the island in real time!"
Patricia Hernandez
General Manager

What we do

Why Invest in Puerto Rico

Learn about tax incentives such as Act 60 (formerly Act 20, 22.74) Opportunity Zones, Hotels, Short term rentals, and more

Lunch & Learn

We generally have one Friday a month that we host a lunch & learn. Topics covered include tools such as how to use property registry or how to run comps.

Dealmaker's Breakfast Club

Early bird gets the worm! We meet every Saturday at 7:30am at a private residence to discuss real estate and structure deals.

Trade & Exchange Meeting

We meet on the first Friday each month for our trade meeting. We structure trading of real estate with others to create value add deals and creating structuring.